A zine (short for magazine or fanzine) is a self-published work of original writings and/or arts based on a chosen theme. MONMENTUM = X zine is a fan-made artbook created to celebrate MONSTA X’s 6 year anniversary!

MONMENTUM = X is a charity artbook for MONSTA X and WONHO, created in celebration of MONSTA X’s 6 year anniversary. Participating MONWENEE artists were given a member and a song, or multiple songs, to represent and interpret into an art piece. Some artists were given multiple members as a unit to incorporate into an illustration.

For more details about the MONMENTUM = X zine concept, please check out our page linked below: (( Link ))
To learn more about the zine title, please follow the link below: (( Link ))

The release date set for the MONMENTUM = X zine is 14th May 2021, which is also the date of MONSTA X’s 6 year anniversary!

We are a group of MONWENEE artists dedicated to making the best quality artbook for MONSTA X, WONHO, MONBEBE and WENEE to enjoy!

(On Twitter)
Wiktor (founder of the project): @galaxywikart
YK/Yokshida: @yokshida
Kwis: @hinaachun
Chanel: @joonsbubu
MJ: @pocketki
Mon: @monbobong
Melon: @melonecholy
Kara: @szokserek

The list of the artists contributing to the MONMENTUM = X zine, as well as their social media handles and the albums they are assigned to, can be found under the link below:
(( Link ))

No, all artworks showcased in the MONMENTUM = X zine are SFW. Though, viewer discretion is advised for imagery of weapons and other themes contained in some art pieces that are reflected in previous MONSTA X music videos.

MONMENTUM = X is a charity zine which means all profits will go to charity.

The charity we are going to donate to is DDing Dong. which is a charity based South Korea that has a goal of helping the LGBTQ youth in need.

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Both physical and digital copies will be available for pre-order.

The pre-orders for digital copies of MONMENTUM = X zine will open on March 26th.

Physical pre-orders will be open on April 14th.

You’ll be able to pre-order MONMENTUM = X on through our Store page.

May 13th.
On May 14th, everyone who ordered digital copies will receive them via email with a PDF of the zine along with the benefits that come with the tier purchased.
As for the physical zine, orders will only be sent to manufacturers once the pre-order period closes. Everyone who has ordered a physical zine will be updated on the production and shipment status via email.

No, all orders will be closed after pre-order period ends. However, there is a chance to purchase a physical zine if there are extras after all purchased copies are distributed.

The prices of the digital and physical copies of the MONMENTUM = X zine can be found on our Store page.

Due to safety reasons, all the payments will be accepted via PayPal Pool only. You can pay by card with without having an account.

Please review the PayPal Pool instructions if you are confused on how to use it.

Yes! We welcome all donations, and they will be made to the DDing Dong (띵동) charity. Learn more about DDing Dong (띵동) here.

If you are pre-ordering a zine: Please pay your order’s stated total amount.

If you are donating: As much as you’d like!

Yes, if you want to remain anonymous, please click “Chip in anonymously” when you send money. Your name will not be shown public on the Paypal Pool log. 

Details on how to pay anonymously are outlined in our PayPal Pool instructions page.

The digital copies of MONMENTUM = X zine are going to be sent out on May 14th.
The physical copies are going to be shipped as soon as all items from the manufacturers arrive. The wait time also depends on the tier, since we’re working with different manufacturers. The delivery time varies depending on the chosen delivery option and the destination country. We will have production updates and shipping updates on our Twitter as we receive them as well.

For the timeline of MONMENTUM = X, please refer to this tweet.

If you have any additional questions regarding MONMENTUM = X, you can contact us via our Contact page.