About The Project

Welcome to MONMENTUM = X, a charity artbook project for MONSTA X and WONHO!
In celebration of MONSTA X’s 6th year anniversary on May 14th, about 60 MONWENEE artists have come together to prepare an artbook encompassing the 5 year Korean discography journey of MONSTA X.

From their highly anticipated debut album TRESPASS to their early summer hard hitter FANTASIA X, MONMENTUM = X hopes to take MONWENEE through visually telling illustrations of each album in between.

Participating MONWENEE artists were given a member and a song, or multiple songs, to represent and interpret into an art piece. For albums with less than or more than 7 songs, some artists were given multiple members as a unit to incorporate into an illustration.

Currently, digital and physical copies of MONMENTUM = X are available for pre-order on our website.

We hope to have your support in this project!

Concept in detail

MONMENTUM = x strives to incorporate the musical and visual elements of MONSTA X’s album design into each song piece, as such inspiration from TRESPASS to FANTASIA X is worked into the songs showcased in the artbook. Artists are encouraged to take inspiration from the album that their assigned song is from to show the connection and the flow of time between Monsta X’s discography.